Kes sa oled ja kust sa tuled?

Hei, ma olen Jaanika, metsast!

Mis on tantsus kõige südamelähedasem?

Vabadus, mida tantsimine mulle pakub. Saalis ei pea ma mõtlema mitte millelegi muule peale enda ja muusika.

Tantsus pole reegleid – armastan seda.

Miks sa treener oled?

Jagades on rõõm ikka suurem. Mulle meeldib näha teiste

arengut ja õpilaste aitamine arendab ka
mind ennast. See on õppeprotsess, tiimitöö.

Kõige kummalisem lause, mida oled kuulnud/öelnud?

„Ma tahan sinna tuppa minna, seal on elu mõte.“

Who are you and where are you from?

I’m Jaanika, I come from the forest.

What's the closest to your heart in dance?

The freedom that it gives me. When I’m at the studio, dancing,

I don’t have to think about anything
other than myself and the music playing.

There are no rules – I love It!

Why are you a choreographer/dance teacher?

Sharing is caring. I love to see the development of others and

helping the students is also helpful to
me too. Giving classes is a learning process – it’s teamwork.

What's the weirdest sentence that you have heard or said?

„I want to go to that room, the meaning of life is in there.“

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